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Don’t Forget to Charge your Battery!

It’s all fun and games, cruising down the freeway in your $760,000 Lamborghini Aventador supercar – until your car TRAPS you! That is exactly what happened to Michael, the car’s owner, while he was driving the luxury car just outside of Melbourne when the battery ran out, trapping him inside.

It seems that he forgot to charge the battery after being away, working overseas for several months. Like most of us, when he returned home to the little beauty he just hopped behind the wheel and took off – for a while anyway. As he motored along the battery’s power just drained away. As striking charcoal Lambo rolled to a stop on the side of the freeway, the doors automatically locked down, trapping Michael inside.

That’s certainly something you don’t see every day; a gorgeous Lamborghini broke down on the side of the road. This caused a bit of a stir on the freeway as passersby ogled and there were certainly a fair share of cell phone pictures posted. The spectacle resulted in quite a bottleneck.

A tow truck eventually saved the day, moving the car off of the roadside and freeing Michael from his super luxurious prison. He still maintains that it was all his fault, not the car’s, saying that he should have taken the time to plug it in and charge it before hitting the open road.

Lesson learned – we hope.

You won’t get TRAPPED by high monthly payments when you turn to Woodside Credit to finance your new Lambo, Ferrari, or Porsche! All it takes is a quick visit to our site to complete our convenient online application and you are on your way to exotic car ownership. You can’t get much easier than that. Check us out today!

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Classic Cars go Electric: Watch what happens

The cars coming out of Michael Bream’s shop, EV West, are anything but ordinary. The work he does out of the Southern California boutique car garage will definitely excite your imagination. It isn’t every day that you see some of the greatest (albeit gas guzzling) cars of yesterday, and today for that matter, transformed into fully electric vehicles – no gas needed.

He’s converted a number of cars, including a Ferrari 308 GTS, VW Beetle, BMW, and even a VW bus from the 1950s. In fact, that is what his shop specializes in, removing the combustion engine from (typically) older cars and dropping electric batteries in its place. The results have been incredible and the EV West website is a testament to the intrigue car guys have in the concept as well as how it blows their minds when they see how well it really works.

All too often, classic car enthusiasts have to choose between the uber coolness of a classic ride and protecting the environment. These older vehicles leave behind a pretty substantial carbon footprint which is less that kind to nature. They tend to release more carbon emissions than newer models and are less efficient. While many people choose to drive these beauties anyway, despite the environmental issues, often they only roll them out on special occasions. Now, thanks to Bream’s work at EV West, owners no longer have to make that tough decision. They can just roll on!

In the shop itself, Bream keeps a Tesla Powerwall to charge the majority of the electric cars it converts. The energy in the large battery is harvested from a number of solar panels that are installed on the shop’s roof. When it comes to the actual batteries for the cars, EV West has a unique acquisition method. Bream and his staff frequent the auctions, looking for wrecked Tesla Model 5 cars. The parts are typically sold at auction, so they are prime for the picking by Bream’s garage. But they don’t just ditch the old engines they pull from the classic cars either. They sell them on the secondhand market to people searching for original vintage parts. It’s a win-win.

Could we possibly be seeing more classic cars as daily drivers sometime soon? Wouldn’t that be awesome!

At Woodside Credit we can help get you into a beautiful classic or sleek exotic car with our easy terms and the lowest monthly payments around. Call today or visit our site to complete a convenient online application and discover the Woodside Advantage for yourself.

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Michigan Town tells man he has too many Old Cars that need to be Sold

Can you ever have too many old cars? Well, it depends on who you ask. According to Northfield Township, Michigan, you can and collector Ron Dauzet is in their sights. Seems his 200 plus car collection is just too over the top and they are requiring him to accomplish an incredible feat – sell 20 cars a month.

Dauzet’s property is a collector’s wonderland with old Jeeps, BMWs, Porches, and Mercedes-Benzes. The township doesn’t see it that way. To them, it is a junkyard, an eyesore, something to remove. So, they have to go, but at 20 a month, well, that’s quite a haul for even top car lots, must less one guy with an oddball collection of old cars.

The grounds for this incredible requirement lie in a township ordinance that prohibits unregistered vehicles to be stored outdoors – even on private property. The 20 cars sold a month required has left 74-year-old Dauzet a little overwhelmed. A lifelong car enthusiast, Dauzet began collecting the quirky and interesting of the car world when he was just 21 years old. Thing is, if he had all his cars in a completely enclosed structure, there wouldn’t be an issue.

If Dauzet fails to meet this monstrous 20 car a month quota, the township could swoop in and take all of his cars. This would mean he would miss out on all the money he could make from selling them. In all fairness, the township has not acted yet even though Dauzet has failed to meet the quote, but who knows when they will exercise their right to seize his vehicles? What’s more, the township mailed him a document that detailed his responsibilities, including this little nugget:

In no event shall any of the following be grounds for relief from this Consent Judgement:

a. difficulty in obtaining buyers for the vehicles,

b. failure of buyers to pick up vehicles,

c. any other problems in selling the vehicles,

d. weather

e. difficulty in accessing the vehicles, or

f. difficulty in obtaining title for the vehicles.

Among his collection are rare vehicles and some very cool classics, like a Willys Jeepster Commando and an MG TD. The good news is, the car community is huge and they’ve rallied around Dauzet. Word got out, several blogs ran his story, and buyers have been contacting him. In fact, he has been moving a lot of cars and has a number of contacts, so much so that he expects to meet his quota and even make up for past months where he didn’t quite hit it.

It would have been better if the township had given a Dauzet a break on the quota – or the requirement all together. But we’ll take this.

At Woodside Credit, we don’t believe that you could ever have too many cars and we’d love to help you add to your collection. Visit our site and complete a Quick Quote to get started and put that great collector car in your garage!

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Past Meets Future – The VW Buzz Then and Now

Volkswagen has some big plans coming up and it has everything to do with the German automaker’s iconic VW Buzz. The classic “hippie” microbus will be getting a bit of a facelift in the next few years – both outside and under the hood. It will get a more futuristic, sleek styling and an electric powertrain to boot. It’s new, but not new.

All this was revealed at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance when VW announced the new I.D. Buzz (dubbed the “Type 2”) will be available in 2022. It will be edgier and more modern but won’t stray too far from its roots.

People were enamored with the Microbus of the 1960s and they still are today. Its unique look makes it instantly recognizable. The original was available in both cargo and passenger layouts. Many people took the cargo versions and turned them into cozy campers.

The bus body was set atop the classic Beetle chassis. It first showed up in 1949 as a cargo vehicle. In 1951, the microbus was redesigned to take on passengers. At that time, Volkswagen released the Deluxe and the Kombi as passenger vans.

It wasn’t until 1960, though, that its popularity really took off. It underwent some major upgrades including the engine and split front seats that allowed passengers to get in and out of the van much easier. As far as looks go, there were no major design changes in the bus from 1950 until 1967, save for some changes in lights, the window, and passenger door. Why mess with a good thing, right? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The late 60s saw some great window action and split windshield that has become the microbus trademark. However, the 11, 13, 15, 21, and 23 window designs became a thing of the past.

Now it seems that the Buzz is enjoying a revival. Will we see the return of the great window designs as well? Only time will tell.

Whether you want to pick up a classic Microbus or a sleek Porsche, Woodside Credit has you covered. Visit our site today and see how easy it is to own the classic or exotic car of your dreams.

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Augusta Car Show is Helping Houston Recover from Harvey

When tragedy strikes, heroes emerge. Sometimes in our busy day to day lives it’s easy to forget about the struggles of others. However, in the wake of a disaster, like the devastating effect that Hurricane Harvey had on Houston and parts of Texas, we can see ordinary people doing extraordinary things. From the legendary Cajun Navy to the everyday heroes whose sole mission was to rescue hundreds of animals from the rising flood waters, our hearts swell a little and our faith in humanity is restored.

Then entire country has rallied together to support the victims of Harvey with many businesses and groups organizing events to raise much needed funds to help the people of Texas recover and rebuild their lives. Maine’s Finest, a statewide showcase for “the finest of motorized objects in Maine,” held the Houston Fund Raiser Meet at the Augusta Civic Center in early September. They decided to use the event to raise money for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

As word spread about their noble cause, people who hadn’t planned to take part in the show changed their minds. Many of the car owners who participated had some ties to the affected area, whether they had family in Texas or purchased parts from someone in Houston. Most of all though, they all just wanted to help.

Many businesses in the area donated to the event and raffle tickets were sold to raise the money. At the end of the day, the group had raised $1,760 to donate to the American Red Cross to aid victims of Harvey. They received several checks from donors as well. A graphic company in the area, Fat Kid Graffix, printed decals specifically for the Houston Fund Raiser Meet. They sported the meet’s hashtag,  #207helpinghouston. The owner of the company donated 100% of the money he received from those sales to the relief efforts as well.

We at Woodside Credit are keeping the victims of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and other recent disasters in our thoughts. Stay strong, we’re all in this together.

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Exotic Art: The Extraordinary World of René Turrek

Who doesn’t love the sleek, sexy lines of a Lamborghini or the sporty vibe of an Aston Martin? Well, what happens when those gorgeous bodies become canvases for some of the most incredible, colorful, creative, and intriguing artwork in the world? Welcome to the wonderful, unpredictable world of René Turrek.

Graffiti artist, Turrek, got his start at 16 doing illegal spraying (and paying the price). He honed his skills, albeit via some lawless means, but by 20 his family helped him find his way out of that scene. Today he is an advocate for encouraging kids to stay away from illegal spraying. Despite his straight and narrow ways though, graffiti was still in his blood. He was a born artist and realized that he couldn’t deny his passion, that thing he was born to do.

After several years in the U.S. and Germany where Turrek honed his skills and discovered new ways to showcase his incredible talent, he began to look beyond the wall for his graffiti art. After a number of shows and some incredible success which includes seeing his art on products for top companies like Starbucks, he hit his niche – exotic cars.

See The Dark Knight by René Turrek

Turrek also uses a special thermochromic paint that has some very special, high tech properties. When you look at the car, nothing seems unusual – at first. You still see the stunning lines of a high end vehicle and beautiful, glass-like paint job. However, pour some warm water over it and that everyday paint job transforms to an intricate, jaw-dropping mural. Check out this Lamborghini’s metamorphosis in the video below and see just how incredible Turrek’s work is.

He has even more mind-blowing videos of his work on the René Turrek YouTube Channel. He takes already beautiful, exotic cars and turns them into unique works of art. He has worked with Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, BMWs and more. His website is like a crazy cool wonderland for artsy types and gearheads alike. What a way to bring to seemingly opposing cultures together! Talk about your serious exotic eye candy! What would you do with your own rolling piece of art?

At Woodside Credit, our art is getting our clients into the cars of their dreams. Let us work with you to put that exotic car in your garage! Just visit our website, apply, and see how easy it is to go from wishing to owning. We’ll make it happen – for you.

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Your 2018 Exotics Right Here!

It’s that time again and some of the top carmakers in the world are unveiling their new models for the 2018 production year. We’ve highlighted a few that caught our eye; which is your favorite?

Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR

The dramatic aerodynamics are just part of what you’ll see with this 2018 Panamera. Think lush interior – really lush, as in 24 karat gold lush. Add to that a super impressive engine upgrade and you have the makings of a Porsche premier that will knock your socks off. Any 650 horsepower mid-size sedan that has a top speed of 196 mph is definitely a statement piece. That’s’ some family car! Toss junior the keys to that baby when he wants to go out with his friends on a Friday night.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

This supercar looks more like something straight out of a science fiction movie than a car. With a V-12 engine that kicks out 1130 horses and a top speed of 250 mph, the 2018 Valkyrie is probably not daily driver material (although there will be a road legal model as well as a race only model). She sure is pretty to look at though. With those exotic lines and sleek design you’ll definitely turn a few heads. The production for both models will be extremely limited though so it will likely have a pretty exotic price tag to match the exotic look.

McLaren 570s Spider

It’s a supercar – but it isn’t. The 2018 570s Spider is hot little coupe convertible with 562 horses under the hood. It will get you from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds. It doesn’t handle like the temperamental, skittish supercars though, taking curves with ease and sporting a suspension that handles bumps more like a luxury car than a supercar. It actually sits at McLaren’s lowest tier for Sports Series and is the lowest priced within that tier. It comes in around $210,000 for a basic model – if there is such an animal with McLaren,

Bentley Continental GT Convertible Galene Edition

This nautical inspired, extremely limited-edition car is pure decadence from bumper to bumper. Exclusive (and expensive) yacht maker, Princess Yachts had a hand in designing the interior. There will only be 30 made so the 2018 Galene is obviously designed with a very special, very elite clientele in mind. It has a V-8 that puts out 500 horsepower, but this car isn’t about power under the hood; it’s about luxury and prestige – and it definitely has that covered.

Whether you have your eye on a 2018 exotic model or you have something a little older in mind, Woodside Credit can help you make it yours. Our easy terms and professional service will ensure that you feel confident working with us. Give us a call or visit our website today to see how easy owning that dream exotic can be.

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1959 Volkswagen Samba “Woods Find” is Expected to Break Auction Records

Every car enthusiast worth his (or her) salt knows that Monterey Car Week & Concours d’Elegance is one of the most prestigious car shows in the world. The 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and Monterey Car Week run from August 11 through August 20. During that time, the best of the best, a scant 200, of the finest collector cars will grace the Pebble Beach Golf Links’ 18th fairway. Even fewer will receive the elite status of being formally recognized for their historical accuracy, technical quality, and excellence of style. Among them is an incredible “woods find,” a 1959 23-window Volkswagen Samba.

The Story of the Samba

The microbus was Volkswagen’s informal name for the Volkswagen Type 2 (with a split windshield). It was also called the Splittie or Splitscreen. Production began in March 1950 for the first generation of this iconic vehicle and the first Samba rolled off the production line in 1951.

The informal classification for these vans was done by the number of windows they had. The first one had 23 windows, including front, sides, even the roof has eight panoramic windows. That dropped to 21 windows in 1964 – still impressive. In an effort to give it a distinction from the regular Volkswagen van, it was given the moniker Samba. Unlike most vans, the Samba didn’t have a sliding side door, but instead had dual pivot doors. It also had a fabric sunroof. The roof extended just a little beyond the length of the vehicle to provide a shade for the driver.

A Real Rags to Riches Story

This 1959 van is expected to take the Samba record for highest sale price. There are several factors that figure into this. One, it has the romance of being that one in a million “barn find” – or in this case, an Oregon “woods find.” Two, it is nearly perfect after its extensive restoration. In fact, it is so close to Volkswagen Samba perfection, it will come with a Volkswagen Certificate of Authenticity as well as 400 photos that document its incredible journey from being an abandoned little van in the woods, to an exceptional showpiece that won the 2017 Kelley Park Vintage Volkswagen Show’s Best Luxury Bus Award.

Now the Little Samba is slated to be a shining star at one of the world’s most prestigious automotive events. With the current record for a 23-window Samba holding at $291,500, it should be an interesting ride.

Did you find that once in a lifetime barn find? Or maybe you’ve spotted a sweet classic to add to your collection. Whatever the case, Woodside Credit can help you put it in your garage. Our easy terms and professional service will put you in the driver’s seat in no time. Give us a call or go to our website and complete a Quick Quote. Don’t let that one in a million car pass you by!

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Ferrari’s Secret Preferred Customer List and One Man’s Quest to get there

Apparently, money can’t buy you everything; it certainly can’t buy you a spot-on Ferrari’s secret, exclusive list of car collectors who are allowed to purchase certain Ferrari models. In this case, it was the LaFerrari Aperta convertible, a limited run beauty with an expected production of only about 200, which would have set him back a cool $2.2 million.

And super collector, David Lee, wanted one – badly.

He looked like he would be a shoe-in, already the proud owner of a $50 million car collection that included a garage brimming with Ferraris. He had cultivated a good relationship with his local Ferrari dealer, visited the factory, and attended the world famous, elite Ferrari driving school in Italy. He has purchased many of his cars directly from the factory, but also picked up several vintage ones that he restored and showed at several exclusive concourse events, including Pebble Beach.

In an effort to increase his chances, he also ordered four new Ferraris.

Ferrari politely said no.

He was baffled. He obviously loved the cars and he definitely had the money, but Ferrari apparently looks beyond that. The exotic carmaker has worked to keep its brand exclusive and it isn’t backing down.

Now, it’s important to mention here that not all Ferraris are million dollar cars. The current lineup includes the California T, their lowest priced car, coming in at a mere $210,000.

There is a method to their madness though. They whet the appetites of buyers and draw in new ones by making most of their cars “affordable” (a subjective term, to be sure). However, every now and then they toss in a special, limited run, expensive little beauty but only hand pick a select few who are allowed to purchase it. Their best buyers are rewarded and potential buyers are intrigued, wooed in by fantasies of getting on “the list” as well.

While Ferrari is keeping mum on how to get on the list, some details have been whittled out through logical conclusions by collectors and “Ferrari A-listers.”

  • You have to own or have previously owned a Ferrari. No amount of money will buy you a spot on the list if you haven’t accomplished this.
  • It helps to invest in a few Ferraris, build a nice collection.
  • Join Ferrari’s driving club, a $25,000 expense.
  • Attend the Ferrari driving school.
  • Invest in the Ferrari pro racing program.
  • Show your Ferraris at exclusive shows.

And you still might not make the list – it didn’t work for Lee.

Lee also found out the hard way that there are a couple of way to anger the brand, thus ensuring you don’t make the list.

Don’t try to get around the 18-month period. See, when members of “the list” purchase an exclusive vehicle, they have to agree to not sell it for 18 months. Lee found a loophole and acquired a LaFerrari. He then drove it a Pebble Beach event where he was seen (and busted) by Ferrari reps who made him agree to wait 18 months before selling the car.

It also seems the company shies away from ostentatiousness and attention seeking behaviors. Incidentally, this seems to be Lee’s downfall. He loves his cars and proudly shows them off – frequently. His social media is flooded with pictures from his collection and he has a very flashy lifestyle leading some who’ve long been watching the Ferrari list game to speculate that his behavior is an embarrassment to the company.

Sure, it promotes the brand, but not in the brand voice. In fact, it is much louder and flashier than the brand voice.

In response to Ferrari’s rejection, Lee has only upped his social media activity in an effort to make the list despite advice from knowledgeable advisors that he scale back a bit and try a little discretion.

Make no mistake, David Lee is a smart man. The USC graduate took his father’s small family jewelry business and turned it into an empire. Hing Wa Lee Jewelers is now a multi-million-dollar business, carrying some of the most exclusive brands in jewelry like Cartier, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Breitling, and Piaget.

Incidentally, Lee has purchased limited run Ferraris in the past. This time though, he didn’t make it. He remains undaunted though, vowing to continue his exuberant social media posts, sharing with the public all there is to love about the beautiful, mysterious Ferrari.

At Woodside Credit, you don’t have to be on a list to get the best terms on a new Ferrari or any other collector car you’ve been eyeing. Visit our website, complete a quick quote and see for yourself how easy it is to put and exotic beauty in your own garage.

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Must-See Auto Museums: Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A.

If you are into cars, LA is a gold mine. There are a number of impressive auto museums and attractions in the area, but one that stands out above the rest is the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Located on Museum Row on the Miracle Mile, Petersen’s is the most popular auto museum in LA. It boasts some of the coolest collections of famous television and movies cars around (including Magnum P.I.’s Ferrari and the Batmobile). They also have exhibits that chronicle the history of the automobile and its development as well as some experimental vehicles and even a Hotwheels exhibit that features every one of their cars that has ever been made.

The museum underwent a complete facelift in 2015. The distinctive exterior resembles an abstract painting – in 3D. Even from the parking lot it just looks exciting, as if it holds wonderful, amazing surprises. And it does.

The general admission ticket allows you access to three levels that are brimming with fun, interesting, car-oriented exhibit. An additional $15 will get you on the Vault Tour, allowing you an exclusive sneak peek at the behind the scenes action. This docent-led walking tour will guide you through the museum basement where cars are maintained and prepared for display as well as some in storage that will never be seen on the museum floor!

Before you Go

Find out which exhibits are on display – the museum rotates them and features special exhibits from time to time.

Get the schedule of the Vault Tours so you can take one during your visit.

Allow for about 3 hours in the museum to see the regular exhibits and the Vault Tour (which takes about 1.5 hours).

Petersen Auto Museum

6060 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Hours:   Monday – Sunday     10 AM – 6 PM


  • Adults             $15
  • Seniors            $12
  • Students          $12
  • Children          $7
  • Under 3           Free
  • Active Duty    Free

Nice cars are fun to look at, but they are more fun to drive! At Woodside Credit, we can put you behind the wheel of your own classic or exotic car and get you on the road in no time. Visit our website today and get a Quick Quote. Your next great car is only a click away.

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