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Scott Steckel

Meet Emee the Chi
Woodside's Unofficial Mascot

Emee is the three-pound rescue dog you might’ve seen driving around at Woodside events. She represents Traci’s Paws, one of San Diego’s most effective rescue charities, helping find homes for animals in need. 

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What Clients Say

Exotic Car Financing

What else can I say but Woodside Credit is the most professional lending company that I have ever dealt with. ALL of the employees treated me with the utmost respect as if I were part of their family. I would like to personally thank Scott Steckel for his kindness and responsiveness throughout the short loan process. “Hats off to Woodside Credit”

  • Greg D.
Exotic Car Financing

“Scott is a great manager, always answers his calls, very fast in getting answers, his word is solid. Thank you for your help.”

  • Pioneers Home Loans