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Payment Cards

Our most successful dealers promote Woodside Credit's classic and collector lending program so their clients can take home the lowest payments in America! And when the lowest monthly payments are promoted, our dealers see a solid increase in traffic to their showrooms and websites. This effective sales tool is also easy to use. Simply enter the year, make, model, purchase price and down payment percentage and your Woodside payment cards will be automatically generated for you.

To generate a new Payment Card, please enter the information below:

Year, Make and Model of Car

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Down Payment (%)

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“Wow, who would have ever thought you could buy a Ferrari F430 for $1,200 a month. I was expecting to pay $2,500-$3,000 a month. Maybe I should buy another car!.”
Eddie H., Muskegon, MI
“Because of your program, I was able to buy a much more expensive car than I could have with just my own money.”
Ed R., Sabin, MN