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Discover how the Woodside Loan program can add strength to your bank’s portfolio. 

Serving America's Community Bankers Since 2003

Woodside Credit makes prime quality loans to highly qualified borrowers for the purchase of classic and collector cars. We package and deliver those loans to client banks, helping them meet their goals of greater profitability, geographic spread of risk and loan product diversity.

Strength in Numbers

Loans Outstanding

With a 99.9% look-to-book for partner banks,
we make it easy to work with us. 

Annual Net Losses

A proven track record of high performance 
provides an unheard of rate of low annual net losses. 

30+ Day Delinquency

Woodside Credit provides the support needed
in the unlikely event of delinquency.

Built on Sound Underwriting

The Woodside program starts with quality, taking a commonsense approach to the underwriting of credit applications that has consistently produced a high-performing portfolio for partner banks. Average demographics include:

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19 Partner Community Banks and Counting

Proud to Support America's Banking Associations

“Commonsense lending and performance puts our Community Banking Partners in the driver’s seat. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.”

Mitch Shatzen, President and Chief Operating Officer

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  • Joe Kiley | President and Chief Executive Officer

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Mitch Shatzen

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