Sick Children get Up Close and Personal with Exotic Cars Thanks to Oklahoma Non-Profit

Sick Children get Up Close and Personal with Exotic Cars Thanks to Oklahoma Non-Profit

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When a child is sick and confined to a hospital they don’t get to enjoy all the things that other kids do. Their days are consumed by hospital beds, doctors and nurses, and often unpleasant procedures and treatments. They miss out on a lot, but one non-profit is seeking to brighten their days a little – and using exotic cars to do it.

Redline4Kids, known by its hashtag #R4K, is a 501 (c) 3 organization that is comprised of volunteers who are on a mission to give sick kids a very unique experience with a very special, very hands-on “show and tell” with exotic cars.

They roll up to the hospital doors, much to the delight of the youngsters who get a kick out of honking the horns, sitting in the driver’s seat, revving the engines, and pretending to drive some of the priciest, most luxurious cars on the planet. In a world that is usually “hands off” when it comes to Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other exotics, this organization turns the rules upside down to give sick children a little joy and lots of cool memories.

Chance Wynn, #R4K’s founder and exotic car owner, knows all too well how it feels to be a child confined in a hospital. When he was just four years old he was diagnosed with Systemic Juvenile Arthritis, a condition that he fights even now as an adult.

Chance recalled his days in the hospital and how he felt, the things he missed out on like little league and sleepovers. Instead he, like so many other sick kids, spent his childhood in and out of the hospital, avoiding any activity that could make his condition worse. When he got an exotic car of is own he knew that he wanted to use it to brighten the days of sick children who were also missing out on just being kids.

If you want to see those sweet smiles up close, check out this video of a recent #R4K event.

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