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Discover how the Woodside Loan program can add strength to your bank’s portfolio. 

14,000 Loans Nationwide

With a 99.9% look-to-book for partner banks, we deliver efficient loan growth.

0.0012 Annual Net Losses

A proven track record of high performance for over two decades.

19 Partner Banks and Counting

Long-term Community Bank partners shows strength and profitability

0.0016 30+ Day Delinquency

Woodside Credit’s Risk Management Department drives results.

Supporting Banker's Associations Nationwide

Commonsense lending and our long term performance puts our Community Banking Partners in the driver’s seat.

Mitch Shatzen, President and Chief Operating Officer

Built on Sound Underwriting

The Woodside program starts with quality, taking a commonsense approach to the underwriting of credit applications that has consistently produced a high-performing portfolio for partner banks.

  • Credit Score: 759
  • Time on Job: 13 Years
  • Time in Bureau: 21 Years
  • Homeowner: 91%
  • Age: 49
  • Median Income: $295k
  • Debt Ratio: 25%
  • Down Payment: 24%
  • Average Loan: $104k
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Mitch Shatzen
President and COO