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David Cashion, Loan Consultant, serves dealers and clients
with lending products for exotic, classic and collector vehicles. 
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Porsche Financing Services at Woodside Credit

David Cashion


Porsche Club of America

Woodside Credit is a proud supporter of Porsche Club of America and David Cashion is the dedicated loan advisor for the club. Contact David if you’re a member of the organization for an exclusive loan experience. 

Exotic Car Financing

“David Cashion at Woodside was amazing through the purchase process. My wife and I looked at a couple different types of cars before deciding on one. We initially contacted him 4-5 months before we started looking just to ask a few questions. We told him we would get back with him as soon as we were ready and what the time frame was. He called 1 time after answering all our questions and that was right before we said we would be ready. We appreciated that. The application process was really simple. It took about 10 minutes on the phone. They called back about an hour or two later saying approved and with the terms, what we could spend based on our budget, etc. once we found the car that we were going to buy, the rest of the process was almost nothing we had to do other than a few e-signatures. David/Woodside worked with the dealership and they did their stuff and just like that, we got one of our dream cars. A 1965 Mustang Fastback. Thank you David and Woodside.”

  • Dr TBone
Exotic Car Financing

“Woodside credit made it very easy to purchase my dream car and assisted with everything I needed to get it transferred and registered. David and Ruth went above and beyond to make it happen.”

  • Jason T.