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Loan programs are tailored to your needs, with financing up to $800,000. Expect classic car loans unmatched by any lender, including the lowest payments in America. Whether you are looking at muscle or hot rod, antique or vintage car loan, we help make your dream car a reality. Woodside provides its classic car lending services for customers and dealers nationwide.

Why Work with Us

  • Woodside is a Lender, Not a Broker – Expect a consistent experience with Woodside from origination to close. It’s the reason repeat customers are the norm.
  • High-Touch and High-Tech – A tenured team of loan advisors and support provides confidence at every stage. With eSign and virtual vehicle verifications, Woodside makes it easy at every turn.
  • Loans by Enthusiasts – Deep-rooted in the Woodside culture is the love of automobiles. Experience and passion come together to bring an unparalleled level of service.
  • Dealers, Private Party, and Auctions – With pre-approvals up to 30 days, negotiate your best deal regardless of how and where you buy. Woodside Credit is the exclusive loan provider for Barrett-Jackson Auctions.

What to Expect

  • Quick Quote – Woodside provides a consultative approach to provide information about Woodside Loan programs for the classic car you have in mind.
  • Simple Application – Complete online or over the phone and receive a decision in a day or less.
  • Loan Docs – Once satisfied, loan docs are completed via eSign. If required, vehicle verifications can be done virtually.

Still Need Some Convincing?

  • Classic cars increase in value. Point to Hagerty’s Trends to see a nearly 10% increase last year.
  • Meet great people. From top-down rides to Cars and Coffee, be part of the very fabric of an American tradition.
  • Keep more cash in hand. Low monthly payments help keep more money in hand or in investments.
  • Highly Rated – With an average of over 4.7 stars, read verified reviews of real customers who have purchased with Woodside Credit.

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Guidelines for Classic Car Loans

The term “classic” has a fairly broad definition within the auto world. It tends to vary among enthusiasts, insurance companies, licensing bureaus, and car clubs. Even DMVs vary from state to state. At Woodside Credit, our definition of a classic car is any vehicle that is 25 years old or older. Included in our classic car category are antique and vintage vehicles, which are manufactured prior to 1930.


Payment disclosure examples: Monthly payment of $487.06 based on purchase price of $50,000, 15% down, and 6.71% APR financing for 120 months. Monthly payment of $805.49 based on purchase price of $100,00020% down, and 6.59% APR financing for 144 months. Monthly payment of $1397.21 based on purchase price of $200,000, 20% down, and 6.54% APR financing for 180 months. Rates and terms are subject to change. TT&L may also be financed. Not all applicants will qualify.