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2018 Summer Line Up of Classic Car Shows

When you are planning your summer fun this year, don’t forget to hit up a few classic car shows. We’ve compiled this handy little list of some of the biggest shows across the country. So, grab the family and hit the road for some fun, festivities, and cars – lots and lots of cars.

June 2018 Classic Car Shows

The Elegance at Hershey
June 8-10
Hershey, Pennsylvania

Concours event held in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Proof that the fabled city has a lot more to offer than just chocolatey goodness.

34th Annual Rocky Mountain Street Rod Nationals
June 22-24
Colorado State Fairgrounds
Pueblo, Colorado

Classic street rods, swap meet, and a whole lot more. All vehicles are 1988 or earlier. Get more information on the event right here.

July 2018 Classic Car Shows

Iola Old Car Show & Swap Meet
July 12-14
Iola, Wisconsin

Old cars take over the town of Iola for this incredible weekend of festivities. Special guests this year include Henry Winkler (The Fonz) and Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster), along with some incredible, one of a kind rides.

August 2018 Classic Car Shows

Hot August Nights
August 3-4
Virginia City, Nevada

This is actually a two-parter. It starts in Virginia City and continues in Reno and Sparks. There’s food, give aways, and plenty of fun for all.

Hot August Nights
August 7-12
Reno/Sparks, Nevada

A continuation of the Virginia City festivities with more give aways, a craft fair and more.

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance & Automotive Week
August 21-26
Pebble Beach, California

This classic car show is one of the most highly anticipated of the year. With auctions, an art exhibit, and of course the car show, there’s something for everyone.

Woodward Dream Cruise
August 28
Detroit, Michigan

Touted as the “World’s Biggest Cruise,” the Woodward Dream Cruise is a popular even that draws crowds from all over. There’s so much to do and see, make sure you check out all the events.

When you hit the classic car shows this summer, make sure you go prepared! You never know when you’ll wander into that car corral and see the vintage beauty that will steal your heart. At Woodside Credit we make it easy to own the classic car to complete your collection or to add to your garage. Visit our site today and fill out a Quick Quote to get started.

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Last November, Pope Francis received a gift that most people only dream of – and it’s definitely dream-worthy. Imagine how he must have felt when the customized, snow white Lamborghini Huracán, with gold trim, rolled up to the Vatican, knowing it was his. Sure, he’s denounced materialism, but this is art!

The Italian carmaker gifted the sleek rear wheel drive coupe – and the fact that it matches the Pope’s appearance? Absolutely intentional.

But what does a Pope do with a $200,000 vehicle that goes 198 miles per hour? He signs the hood of the V10, 573 horsepower engine, and auctions it off for a very good cause. After all, it isn’t realistic that he’d be tooling around the Vatican in his fancy new Lambo or hitting the open road with the wind in his hair. He has much more important things to tend to and he seems to prefer more modest modes of transportation – mostly.

So, what will become of this Popemobile-ini?

The one of a kind Lamborghini is headed to famed auction house Sotheby’s and will be hitting the auction block on May 12. It is expected to bring in a pretty penny too. Although valued at $200,000, it’s storybook history and the Pope’s signature adorning its hood, experts anticipate the final price tag to hit somewhere in the $303,000 to $425,000 range.

The proceeds will be split four ways. Seventy percent will go to aid Nineveh, a city in Iraq where ISIS has a stronghold and is terrorizing the citizens. The remaining thirty percent will be divided evenly among Groupe International Chirurgiens Amis de la Main, “Amici per il Centrafrica Onlus,” and the Pope John XXIII Community Association.

So, is Pope Francis expected to have any seller’s remorse? Nah. Flashy and fast isn’t really his style anyway, plus he is happy to be able to contribute so generously to such great causes. Sports cars are nice, but he has bigger fish to fry.

Are you looking to get a Lambo of your very own? Woodside Credit can help make that happen. Visit our site today and fill out a Quick Quote, then find out just how easy exotic car ownership can be.

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Parking in Manhattan is not easy to come by and if you are looking for a garage or warehouse to keep your classis car collection, well, you’re pretty much out of luck. So, what’s a guy to do?

Well, you could get a little place out of town and have weekend visitations, but after Hurricane Sandy, who knows what’s really safe anymore. The last thing you want is a flooded collection. A nearby motor club may be a good option, but that still takes you out of Manhattan.

What if you could stay in the city but still hang out with a couple dozen mouthwatering sports cars, vintage beauties, and some of the baddest supercars on the planet? Well, Zac Moseley and Michael Prichinello created just such a heaven on earth in 2005 when they founded The Classic Car Club of Manhattan.

The club with its bevy of beauties (beautiful cars, that is) has found a home in an impressive 8,000 square foot building that was once the horse stable for the NYPD – how fitting. The facility may no longer house horses of the four-hooved variety, but there are still plenty of horses within its walls. The kind that go vroom.

Now New York’s upper echelon of car enthusiasts rub elbows with each other every weekend, mingling with some very fine automobiles. If you’d like to be considered for membership, you’re looking at a $180 per month club fee, plus a price tag that runs between $5,000 and $15,000 to get points packages. It all depends on how often you want to drive the cars and which ones you want to take out of the stable.

Corvettes, Cadillacs, McLarens, and much more are right there waiting. Saddle up.

Because very few of us have access to a club like this, why not contact Woodside Credit and take the first step in owning your very own Classic beauty.

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The New Bitcoin Millionaires have a New Obsession – Lamborghinis

You’ve worked hard, made your fortune, how are you going to spend it? If you are part of the bitcoin millionaire crowd, your answer is most likely to be, “Buy a Lambo.”

So as a bitcoin millionaire, how do you know when you’ve accrued enough cryptocurrency to sell it off and purchase one of the coveted cars? Well, you head over to the website When Lambo? and use their handy dandy calculator to figure it out.

The site takes its name from a popular meme that has been circulating within the cryptocurrency realm. It’s called “When Lambo” and refers to that moment when a person has built their bitcoin stockpile to the point where they have enough to purchase a Lamborghini.

The calculator tells them how many bitcoins they will need, based on the current market value, to purchase a $425,000 Lambo.

Forget buying a house and property or paying off your credit card debt, just hand over that Lambo please!

The caveat here though is that cryptocurrency is quite volatile. While it has become a cool way for some people to build their wealth pretty quickly, there have been some recent fluctuations. However, bitcoin has not disappointed despite any momentary dips. Its price has continued to climb – as have the net worth’s of its investors.

But who wants a digital fortune, right? Now these brand spanking new millionaires are looking for ways to convert that virtual wealth into real world luxury. What better way to do that than purchase one of the most expensive, high profile, four wheeled status symbols in the world?

And the Lamborghinis are flying off the shelves. Well, as much as a six to seven figure, high end, high performance vehicle can.

You don’t have to be a bitcoin millionaire to get a Lamborghini of your own. Let Woodside Credit help put you in the driver’s seat. Our easy terms will have you on the road in no time. Visit out site and fill out a Quick Quote to see how easy ownership can be.

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How One Man Used Social Media to Bring His Stolen Vintage Camaro Back Home

Facebook is great for keeping friends and families connected whether they are across the street or across the world. The social media giant has also become a powerful platform for broadcasting grassroots efforts from finding missing children to organizing awareness and support to various health conditions. For Nick Bratcher of Chicago, it meant getting back his stolen 1979 Z28 Camaro.

The vintage Camaro was Bratcher’s first car; he bought it when he was 16 years old and planned to pass it down to his son. Over the years, he’d worked on the car, building it from the ground up. It was his pride and joy, then one day it was just gone.

His family had a mechanic shop and that is where he stored it. Early one February morning someone broke several windows to gain access to the shop. In those predawn hours, the thugs made off with Bratcher’s precious car. He was heartbroken.

Now, Chicago is a big city. Looking for a single car would be like searching for a needle in a haystack. That didn’t deter Bratcher though. He decided to take matters into his own hands and took to social media in an attempt to bring his car back home.

He posted a photo and description of the car and incident on the Facebook page for the Chicagoland Petrolheads and Car Spotters, an auto enthusiast page with a lot of traffic. They took it and ran. Within a few short hours, page members were sharing the post like crazy, determined to find the stolen Camaro.

And then it happened.

Within 24 hours, someone from the page reported seeing Bratcher’s car parked in a gravel lot in a nearby Chicago neighborhood. The police towed it home, reuniting car and owner once more.

After inspecting every inch, Bratcher noted that the Camaro was none the worse for wear, save the interior which was a bit worked over. But the car was home and that’s what’s important.

As for the thief, well, he’s still out there – but every dog has its day, right?

When you’ve looked far and wide to find that perfect vintage car to add to your collection, let Woodside Credit help make it yours. Give us a call or submit a quick quote to see just how easy we make it to put that exotic or classic car in your garage.

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Hurricane Sandy Survivor 1967 C2 Corvette Barn Find gets a New Home

Hurricane Sandy, the most expensive storm to hit the United States since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, caused nearly $62 billion in damage to homes, property, and infrastructure along the East Coast. New York was hit the hardest and many people were left homeless. Hurricane Sandy brought a lot of flooding as well as dangerously high winds to New York and New Jersey. Only a few very small pockets of communities were untouched which is what makes this story so exceptional.

The story starts with two brothers, Daniel and David. Both have a special penchant for muscle cars and are always on the lookout for a good deal. One day Daniel ran across a story about a 1967 L71 Corvette that had spent some 30 years just sitting in a garage. They reached out to the owner and exchanged a few emails. In the last one Daniel expressed his interest in purchasing the car.

Nothing came of the communication and Daniel put the thoughts of the Vette in the back of his mind. That is, until a call came eight months later. The owner sent  photos of the car and the brothers were thrilled to see that the car was a big block Corvette that had indeed been sitting in a garage – a very dry garage. The car had four flat tires, but it was completely unscathed. It seems it was sitting right in the middle of one of those little pocket of communities that had escaped Sandy’s wrath. For 37 years it sat a mere 300 yards from the Atlantic Ocean.

The owner was ready to sell, but he had some misinformation to clear up first. He had first thought the Corvette was an L71, a highly sought after car. Instead, it was an L36, an even rarer model. It has a single four barrel topping the big block and collectors clamor for these cars, especially those that are in unrestored condition – a very rare find indeed. They are “survivors.”

The Corvette still had the original 427/390 hp engine, M21 close-ratio transmission, and even the teal vinyl interior was still intact. It was all original, right down to the Lynndale Blue paint on the exterior.

David and his father took a ride over to the Jersey Shore to lay eyes on the car. It was exactly how the owner had described it to them. A blanket of dust covered the Vette as it huddled in the corner of the garage, just 38,000 miles on the odometer. Upon a thorough inspection, they found the car to be in great condition, better than they could have hoped for. Great condition and all original – this was indeed a great find.

Once the car was home, a team assembled to give it some much needed TLC and prepare it for the show season. This rare “survivor” will certainly thrive in its new home, out in the sunlight after nearly four decades of darkness.

Once you have your restored beauty in hand, Woodside Credit can help put it in your garage. Call today and see how easy it is to own your next collector car.

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Innovation in the Auto Industry: High Tech Meets Big Auto

Innovation is a train that will not be stilled. It is constantly ushering in what is new, creative, and ground breaking. And it is running right through the middle of the auto industry.

As we see the emergence of high tech meets automotive, such as Apple’s and Google’s recent efforts, there are many more startups coming onto the scene, promising a driving experience that is easier, faster, and more convenient.

With BMW’s launch of its Innovation Lab in 2016, we saw a focus in four key areas:

  • A Seamless Customer Experience
  • Enhancing Business Processes
  • Access vs Ownership
  • RegTech Wild Card

Of the 143 applicants for a residency at the lab, five were chosen. The program would allow these five startups to receive mentoring while developing and refining their services and products then pitching them to senior executives at BMW in the spring of 2018. Those five applicants include:

  • DOVU– The company employs blockchain technology using a cryptocurrency called DOV tokens that are earned and spent by users.
  • Ocasta – A company that specializes in digital service, specifically employee learning, engagement, and operations.
  • Overfit Technologies – A platform that focuses on employee analytics and employee retention.
  • – A platform that focuses on location data, specifically in improving marketing opportunities and customer engagement through geotargeting.

General Motors and Ford are also throwing their hats into the innovation ring with their own initiatives. We will likely see more big car companies coming on board lest they be left behind. If nothing, this industry is competitive.

Whether you are looking for the latest innovation in luxury exotic cars, or you have your eye on a classic collectible car, Woodside Credit can make it happen for you. Visit our site and fill out a Quick Quote to find out how easy it really is.

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​The Incredible Journey of a 1940 Mercury and the Man Who Loved It

The average American owns around six cars throughout the course of their lifetime, but sometimes there’s that one car that really stands out. Perhaps it’s a car you’ve dreamed about since you were a child, or maybe you saw it somewhere and you just knew it was “the one.” Whatever the case, those cars are special and tend to stay with you even if it isn’t in your garage. That’s what happened to Clem Clement – and this is his story.

It was springtime in Hoboken, New Jersey; the year, 1956. Clement, then a teenager, spotted a dilapidated, old 1940 Mercury Convertible Sedan parked on side street. It was in pretty bad shape; painter’s canvas had replaced the top. However, where others saw a hunk of junk, Clement saw a beautiful promise.

Despite the fact that he had no money – and no job – Clement decided that he needed to buy that car. He left a note on the vehicle’s windshield, which included his offer, and went on his way. He did not really expect a response, but two weeks later, the call came. The owner accepted Clement’s offer of $25 and as soon as he paid it, the car would be his.

Somehow, the teen managed to scrape together the money and he proudly made his way back to that side street to claim his new car – which, incidentally, didn’t run. Seems the clutch and transmission were shot, but Clement didn’t let that stand in his way. He brought his dad on board to help him get the Mercury home.

While his mom was not exactly thrilled with the project, his dad was all in. They worked together on the car, replacing the tattered front bench seat and installing an underseat heater. Many of the parts came from the salvage yard and not all fit perfectly, but little by little it came together. Clement cut a hole in the back part of the front bench seat to accommodate a radio speaker. He also had to replace the hood after the original one flipped up and bent over the frame of the windshield after coming unlatched while the car was in motion.

Clement’s father’s untimely death brought with it a strain on the family’s finances. In order to help his family, Clement sold his beloved Mercury to his cousin – for the now bargain price of $25 – the exact amount he originally paid for it. As the years passed, Clement lost track of the car. He thought it was lost forever.

Time marched on. College, twenty years in the military, Clement’s life kept right on moving, but he never forgot that first love with the painter’s canvas top. He began to search for the car, in the off chance that it was still around, but each lead came back a dead end.

In a last-ditch effort to locate the car, Clement wrote to a publication that specialized in antique cars. He just wanted to know what had become of his Mercury. He didn’t expect much, but one day the phone rang. On the other end was Bob Aufderheide from Ohio. He thought he just might have Clement’s car. He asked Clement if the car had any unusual characteristics. Clement told him about the hole in the seat for the speaker and Aufderheide confirmed that he was, indeed, in possession of Clement’s Mercury.

The car had an interesting history, changing hands several times, traveling from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, and finally Ohio. Aufderheide had left the car parked in a garage for 26 years, then had it restored in 1997. Seems the ’40 Mercury was not just a beautiful car that caught an ambitious teenager’s eye, it is one of less than 1,000 such cars manufactured by the carmaker.

When Aufderheide passed away, the family reached out to Clement so he could bring his Mercury home. They knew he would be the best one to care for the car and he was not about to say no. So, that is how a battered and bruised 1940 Mercury found a home, went on a journey, was fully restored, and returned to the man who loved it.

There is nothing like finding the car of your dreams and being able to bring it home. At Woodside Credit, we want to be a part of your dream car story. Visit our site and complete a Quick Quote to find out how easy it is to put that dream car in your own garage.

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The New Tesla Roadster: Tesla Breaks Records – Again

It seems that Tesla is bringing the Roadster back – sort of. It’s the Roadster, but not the one you know. No, this one is sleeker, sexier, and faster. Elon Musk must have relished the complete surprise (and frenzied stir) he caused at the end of his semi-truck reveal when he ushered in the second-generation Tesla Roadster. It breezed in, or maybe zipped would be a better word, to the strains of “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boyz. We’ll try not to look too deep into the hidden meaning there. That’s for what Tesla Financing is here for great help. Make your coveted car yours with Tesla Financing services.

The base model, according to Musk, does 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds. If he is correct, then Tesla has indeed broken another record since it will mean the Roadster is the first production vehicle to break the two-second threshold. He didn’t stop there, though. He also boasted a breathtaking 0 to 100 mph in 4.2 seconds and 8.9 seconds for the quarter-mile. He stayed mum on the top speed though, guess you have to have some mystery.

If you listen to the rumor mill, which we do, then you can expect this little beauty to top 250 mph.

But that’s not the only record this model is shattering. It will feature the 200kWh battery pack. What does this mean? Well, it means that you can go 620 miles on a single charge.

Once you get past the super sleek styling and fast reputation, this all-wheel drive dream car is still full of surprises. With two motors in the rear and one in the front, as well as the torque steering, you can bet your bottom dollar that this will be the performance car of the decade – giving Bugatti, Aston Martin, and the rest a good run for their money.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on one of the Tesla Roadsters, well, you’re going to have to. This in-your-face answer to gasoline-powered vehicles won’t even hit the production line until 2020. Then again, we also know that Tesla’s production deadlines have been, shall we say, optimistic. However, $50,000 will reserve your $200,000 base model or you can get one of the 1,000 Founders Series models by paying their full price of $250,000.

Looks like Tesla just took vroom to another level. So, get your Tesla car soon with Tesla Financing.

Get a limited edition luxury exotic or that great model you’ve had your eye on with our low monthly payments. Call Woodside Credit today and drive away in your new car.

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Do You Know Where Your Porsche Is? You Will With the New Tracking System

Porsche is known for making cars that everyone wants. They are fast, cool, and sexy. They are also known by Forbes as one of the most frequently stolen high-performance cars – and the 911 is one of the cars least likely to be recovered. Vintage Porches are particularly desirable and are prone to sticky fingers. Seems some just can’t resist slipping behind that wheel, even if it isn’t their car. The company has introduced a high-tech solution to an age-old problem.

As these cars increase in value and become more and more attractive to collectors, they are also becoming more attractive to thieves. Porsche is answering this problem, making their classic cars more secure, by rolling out a tracking system as part of their new anti-theft protection program. They are introducing the Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System overseas for classic vehicles. An autonomous sensor package, concealed of course, is one of the key features.

While the device is currently focused on covering all of Europe, it has not yet reached the U.S. There is no news of if or when it will reach the States. It interacts with a Europe-wide security network and will be available there starting in the spring of 2018. It is fully adaptable for all of Porsche’s classic models and owners can visit any Porsche Center or Porsche Classic Partners to have it installed.

If a car that is monitored by the system is stolen, or if the battery is disconnected, the device sends a signal to the free app associated with the system. The app, in turn, alerts the owner and the international security center. From there, the driver can confirm if the access is unauthorized. At that point, the system notifies the authorities and sends either a driving route or GPS coordinates to local law enforcement. There is also an available option that prevents the engine from being restarted via a wireless command.

The tracking system is also useful even if the car is not stolen. Owners can access information on the car’s previous driving routes and they can assess its location in real-time. If they allow someone else to drive their car, they can set “geofences,” meaning that if the driver goes beyond the designated area, the owner will receive an alert.

Future plans for expanding Porsche’s anti-theft system include even more aggressive steps to prevent their cars from being stolen. Notably, features to intervene while the theft is in progress, including an alarm. Who knows, maybe we’ll see it in the U.S. eventually.

Looking to be a classic Porsche owner? Woodside Credit can make it happen. Visit our site to see just how quick and easy it can be to put yourself behind the wheel of that cool classic or sleek exotic.

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