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Iconic Classic Cars

Cars are so much a part of our lives. They are often much more than just a way to get from point A to point B. Most people remember with great fondness their first car and, of course, that one car that made them fall in love with automobiles.

These iconic classic cars have sparked imaginations and quickened hearts for decades. They helped shape not only the cars that would come after them, but the entire automobile industry.

Get ready to fall in love with cars all over again.

1957 Corvette

OK, so the Corvette all by itself is one of the most iconic cars on the planet. With more than six generations behind it, we’ve all grown up with this ultimate sports car. It’s what dreams are made of. So, what makes 1957 Corvette so special you ask? This production year was the first to offer the options of heavy-duty suspension and brakes as well as a four-speed manual transmission. Essentially, the Corvette turned a curve with this one.

Aston Martin DB5

The Aston Martin DB5 quietly rolled off the production line in 1963. No fanfare, just another luxury car. That obscurity didn’t last long though. When the DB5 burst onto the scene, dominating the silver screen as the iconic James Bond car in 1964, the world became smitten. Of course, it probably had a little to do with the fact that the James Bond car was equipped with all those cool gadgets, but still, the DB5 is a beautiful little car in its own rite.

Bentley Continental

OK, so not yet a classic, but still iconic in its own rite. Released in 2003, the Continental was a replacement for the Continental R and T (which was based on the Rolls). It is a grand touring coupe, two door “two plus two.” It will get you from 0 to 60 in just under 5 seconds and its top speed it 197.6 mph. The Continental GT Speed set the World Speed Record on Ice. Now that’s a car!

Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4

In case you aren’t aware, the Volkswagen Group has its hands in a lot of cookie jars. While it may be best known for its iconic “Bug,” over the years the company has acquired several automobile brands, including Bugatti. The Veyron was named for Pierre Veyron, French racing driver who won the 1939 24 hours of LeMans. The automaker has produced about 200 of these mid-engine grand tourer models which was discontinued at the end of 2008.

Lamborghini Countach

If you’re wondering when the in inspiration for the angular lines and wedge shape that defines so many sports cars comes from, you’re looking at it. This mid-engine beauty was produced from 1974 until 1989 and became the car that every little boy (and quite a lot of girls) dreamed of owning someday.

Maserati Quattroporte

Who among us has not spent at least a little time coveting a Maserati? They are absolutely stunning cars and the Quattroporte is no exception. The Italian word “Quattroporte” literally means “four doors” and that is exactly what this car is – a four door luxury sedan. With five generations that began in 1963, the Quattroporte is and always will be, one of the most iconic cars in the world.

Mercedes McLaren SLR

Did you ever wonder what would happen if Mercedes and McLaren got together and had a baby? Well, now your burning questions are answered. This supercar was a joint project with the two high end car makers. It ended up with a GT classification because some of the driving features were just too feisty for a simple SLR (which was dropped in 2007 when sales dropped).

Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce is considered the epitome of luxury cars and the Phantom is one of the most iconic. Fun fact, it is produced in both the US and the UK. A replacement for the automaker’s Silver Ghost, the Phantom rolled off the production line in 1925. Even then it was turning heads and making waves in the auto industry with super luxurious features that were unheard of at the time. And today it is still breaking ground with even more incredible features and state of the art technology.

Shelby Cobra

Did you know that the Shelby Cobra, despite its success in the racing circuit, was never meant to be a race car? It started out as a British sports car, the AC Cobra, build in the 1960s. It caught the eye of Carroll Shelby, an American auto racer and he reached out to AC Cars asking for a car that had been modified to accept a V8 engine. And the Shelby Cobra was born.

Whether you are looking to purchase an iconic classic or a brand, spanking new exotic, Woodside Credit can help you put the car you want in your garage. Use our Quick Quote tool to see just how low your payments could be then get ready to drive!

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The All-Time Best Car Chase Scenes on the Silver Screen

There’s nothing like a great car chase scene to get your blood pumping. We gathered some of our favorites for your enjoyment.

Grab some popcorn and get ready to get your heart rate up!

Oh, and don’t try this at home.

The Terminator (1984)

This edge of your seat car chase scene was stressful enough with our hero and heroine being hunted down like dogs. But add to that the fact that they were being hunted by the single-minded, indestructible TERMINATOR! Great driving but super intense flick!

Lucy (2014)

If this movie taught us one thing it was do not, under any circumstances, let Scarlett Johansson drive your car! Especially if she is looking for someone. She flips and crashes car after car as she races through the streets of Paris with a very nervous police officer riding shotgun. Most impressive though, is despite the wake of destruction she leaves behind her, the car she is driving doesn’t get a single scratch.

The Italian Job (1969)

This iconic car chase scene gives a whole new meaning to eating on the go. Definitely ahead of its time, it has continued to awe and inspire for more than 5 decades.

The Italian Job (2003)

Yes, there were two and the reboot was its own kind of amazing. The car chase scenes in this blockbuster goes down in the books as some of the best of all time. Oh, and the story is pretty great too.

The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

No self-respecting list of greatest car chase scenes would be complete with at least one James Bond car chase. In true Bond fashion, it was pretty spectacular, but we must admit, his “deputized” passenger sort of steals the show.

The Fast and the Furious (2001)

Ah, the humble beginnings of a car chase franchise! This is the one that started it all. At a stoplight, Vin Diesel throws down a challenge to Paul Walker (RIP) to race to the tracks. They race a train, just barely getting over the tracks (airborne) and then there’s the car flip. If you haven’t seen this movie in a while, go rent it. It will definitely get your heart pumping.

The French Connection (1971)

The cool thing about this car chase scene it the sensation of being there. You feel like you are in the middle of the action. And if the woman with the baby carriage didn’t make you cover your eyes, well then you must have nerves of steel.

The Blues Brothers 1980

They were on a mission from God. When Jake and Elwood Blues (John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd) set out to save the Catholic orphanage where they grew up, well, there is no way it can be simple, especially when you have not only the police, but also Illinois Nazis and a rival band on your tail. This is one for the history books – one to watch again and again.

And who can forget that iconic line: “There’s 106 miles to Chicago. We’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark out, and we’re wearing sunglasses.”


Now that you’ve been properly inspired and looking for a cool classic or hot supercar to put in your garage, turn to Woodside Credit. We have the lowest rates and easiest terms in the industry and we’re ready to put you being the wheel. Call us today!

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Rare Corvette Collection Unearthed in NYC Underground Garage

Imagine wandering into an underground garage in New York City and finding an incredible collection of vintage Corvettes. That’s what happened when 36 classic Vettes were discovered after sitting in a garage, collecting dust for more than a quarter of a century.

These weren’t just your average, run-of-the-mill corvettes (if there is such an animal). No, some of these cars were very rare gems and are worth a pretty penny. What may be even more interesting, though, is the backstory of these fabulous cars.

It was 1989 and the music channel VH1 ran a Corvette giveaway.

In an effort to boost ratings and increase profit, the contest was the brainchild of Jim Cahill, a freelance TV producer. After all, it was his job to raise VH1’s national profile. So, he decided to give away one corvette for each decade they had been in production, from 1953 through 1989. In case you’re counting, that’s 36 cars.

Hopefuls had to call in at $2 a pop (AT&T gave the network $1.49 of that money back). On the first day, more than 190,000 called in and by the time it was all said and done, 1.3 million was raised for the ailing network.

Cahill took to the road to find the corvette collection. All told, he spent $610,000. To put that into perspective, today that figure would be around $1.1 million. The most notable car in the collection is a 1953 Corvette. There were only 300 of those cars built.

The good news is, the thick layer of dust that has steeled over the cars actually helped to preserve them.

The Corvette collection was won by a carpenter from Long Island named Dennis Amodeo. Problem was, Amodeo didn’t have anywhere to put 36 cars. So for the bargain price of $250,000 cash and $250,000 in Max’s artwork (plus a deal that awarded him a percentage of the proceeds if the cars were sold again) he turned around and sold it to Peter Max, a German graphic artist who had designs on using the cars in his artworks.

But it never happened.

The cars sat in the garage, collecting dust for more than two decades. They never became the art that Max imagined.

Fast forward to May 2005 when a writer for the New York Magazine stumbled upon the collection and wrote a column about it. A member of Digital Corvettes went to check them out and then posted photos.

Next thing you know the internet was abuzz with activity. Seems everyone wanted to save these beautiful cars. People were offering to park them for free just so they wouldn’t rot away. But Max wasn’t having any of it.

He quietly moved them to an undisclosed location.

But the guys at Digital Corvettes were not having that. They poked around until they found the hiding place. And the buzz started up again. Max now plans to purchase 14 more cars and paint them then send them to auction.

That hasn’t happened either. They are still sitting, waiting.

Whether you want to purchase a collector car or one that’s brand new, Woodside Credit can make it happen. With our easy terms and low payments, you can have the car you want in no time. Give us a call or visit our site and find out how we can help you.

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Top Exotic Cars of All Time

Exotics. We’re intrigued with the speed, the style, and the power. Who hasn’t gazed upon a Lamborghini Diablo and felt their breath catch just for a moment? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite exotic cars of all time.

Which is your favorite?

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento


OK, while this car is not street legal it is still so full of awesomeness that we couldn’t leave it off our list. This limited edition beauty of a V10 tips the scales at just 2,200 pounds. Why do you ask? Two words: Carbon fiber. Those sleek lines just call your name, a steel siren tempting you to slip behind the wheel. Is it track time yet?

Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche Carrera

They say that all Porsches look alike – until the Carrera GT showed up that is. Porsche decided to do something a little different and boy howdy did they! You would think that the completely reimagined body would be enough, but no. They tweaked and twisted from the wheels up. This little Porsche looks nothing like its brothers and sisters, and now is one of the most valuable Porsches ever with one selling for nearly $2 million at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale.

Ferrari 365 “Daytona” GTB/4

Ferrari Daytona

We all seem to gravitate to the newer Ferraris nowadays. Maybe it’s the sleek lines and spaceship look that grabs our attention. With all the flash and fancy, it’s easy to forget about the earlier models that started it all. The 365 is one of them. Even then it was a work of art, but it really impressed when it took 2nd place at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1979.

McLaren F1

McLaren F1

The F1 is one of those iconic supercars that resonate with young and old from generation to generation. After all, the BMW V12 is gold-plated, thank you very much. The aerodynamic lines are so sleek and beautiful. It was ahead of its time in 1992 and you still get that sci-fi, futuristic vibe – even in the older models. It’s just one of a kind.

Bugatti Veyron SuperSport

bugatti Veyron

As if the original Veyron wasn’t enough, Bugatti did some next-level designing and came up with the Veyron SuperSport. And we’re not complaining. The SuperSport upped the game from 1,000 hp to 1,200 hp. That’s some serious power for a serious automobile.

Looking to add one of these top exotic cars of all time to your own garage? Or perhaps you’d rather something a little less flashy. Whatever the case, Woodside Credit can help make it happen. Our easy terms and low rates mean that you could be driving your own exotic in less time than an F1 can go from 0 to 60. Apply now!

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Imagine having the opportunity to drive some of the most beautiful exotic cars in the world on some of the most breathtakingly gorgeous roads in the world. What would it feel like to be able to slip behind the wheel of an Aston Martin, McLaren, Ferrari, or other GT or Supercar and feel that power under your hands as you explore some of the most majestic locations that the globe has to offer?

Verve Rally is a unique travel experience that is part luxury, part power and adrenaline. You are surrounded by other people just like you who love incredible cars and crave that feeling of controlling all those horses, not to mention the fine dining and exotic locations.

There are three adventures planned for 2020:

  • Verve Rally Spain – May 9 – 13, 2020
  • Verve Rally Snowdonia – May 22 – 25, 2020
  • Verve Rally Adriatic – June 25 – 29, 2020

Entrepreneur Darshana Ubl is cofounder of Verve Rally which launched in its home base in London in 2016.

With only four to five hours of driving time on driving days, you will have plenty of time to enjoy spa hotels (most of which are 5 star) and all the dining, shopping, and nightlife that the area has to offer.

And then there’s the driving. You will cruise, convoy style, in the most current models of Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and others along beautiful, scenic roads on a route hand picked and tailored to give you a driving experience of a lifetime. If you would rather have your own car, you are welcome to ship it to the starting location and drive it in the rally.

Your adventure begins with a posh reception that includes drinks and a 5-course gourmet tasting menu with wine. It ends with and awards presentation that includes a 3-course meal and dancing. Complete luxury, beauty at every turn, and a heart stopping adrenaline rush awaits you in this adventure of a lifetime.

Are you ready to start your own adventure? Woodside Credit can help you make it happen. With our low monthly payments and easy terms, we can put you in the driver’s seat of the exotic car you’ve always wanted. Contact us today and discover the rush of owning a supercar of your own.

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Be the Life of any Super Bowl Party with these Cool Car Facts

If you love cars as we do, you are going to love these cool car facts. Whip out a few of these babies at your next Super Bowl get-together and you’ll be the life of the party (Score!).

  • The largest automakers in the world (by production) are #1 Toyota, #2 Volkswagen, and #3 Renault Nissan Mitsubishi.
  • You can thank Volkswagen for Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini, Audi, SEAT, and Bugatti – Oh, and Ducati motorcycles too.
  • There are approximately 30,000 parts that makeup just one car.
  • Throughout a car’s lifespan, it will spend about 95% of it parked.
  • Of ALL the Rolls-Royce cars that have ever been built, 75% are still on the road.
  • The average car in the United States is driven about 15,000 miles a year.
  • In the U.S. in 1913 there were more than one million registered cars. According to the Federal Highway Administration, there were 272,480,899 cars registered in 2017.
  • According to AAA, when you consider maintenance, sales price, fuel costs, and depreciation, the cost of owning a car in America averages $8,469 a year. However, purchasing a new pickup will run you around $10,054 a year while a small sedan is around $6,354 a year. And those electric cars that are so reliable? Well, they cost about $6,439 a year.
  • Henry Ford is responsible for paring down Model T production time from 12 hours to two and a half hours.
  • The first Japanese car ever produced in an American factory was the Honda Accord in 1982 at Ohio’s Marysville Auto Plant.
  • The last car with an optional cassette player was the 2011 Ford Crown Victoria. The last car with a standard player was the 2010 Lexus SC430.
  • Ralph Teetor, who invented the cruise control, was blind.
  • The Ford Mustang is said to have been named after the WWII P-51 Mustang fighter plane, not the horse. John Najjar, Ford’s executive stylist, was reportedly a fan and is responsible for naming the car.
  • The average car’s life expectancy in 1995 was about 8 years. In 2019 that jumped to more than 11 years.
  • Your chances of dying in a car wreck are 1 in 5,000.
  • The average person will be in a car accident once every 18 years — but some people aren’t average.
  • The first recorded car wreck was in 1891 and involved the first single-cylinder gas-powered car. John Williams Lambert was the driver (and builder), hitting the car’s top speed of a blistering 5 miles per hour. He hit a tree root which, ironically, pitched the car into a hitching post.
  • The first auto insurance policy was purchased in 1897 in Westfield, Massachusetts.
  • Carl Benz did not invent the “Benz Patent Motorcar” (the first self-propelled, practical vehicle). He filed the patent for it in 1886 and it was a combination of several inventions, including Niepce’s internal combustion engine (the first in the world) and Cugnot’s steam-powered self-propelled vehicle.
  • The first toll roads in the U.S. were located in Pennsylvania and Connecticut — in 1792.
  • Charles Goodyear was not the founder of Goodyear Tires. He did develop the technology that was used to make rubber stronger, called vulcanization. The company name is a way of honoring his incredible contribution to the automotive industry.
  • The official name of the iconic woman on the Rolls Royce hood ornament is “The Spirit of Ecstasy.”
  • The 3-point seatbelt was invented by Volvo. The extraordinary bit of trivia here, though, is that they did not patent it. They left it free and clear so other carmakers could use it in their vehicles.
  • In one year, the average commuter in the United States will spend about 38 hours sitting in traffic. In larger cities like New York, DC, and LA, that number jumps to around 60 hours.
  • Flutes, candles, and alcoholic beverages were invented before the wheel.
  • The first wheels were not used for wagons, chariots, and other vehicles. They were used for pottery.
  • An electric car has about 150 pounds of copper wiring, compared to the average gasoline-powered car that has about 55 pounds.
  • If you laid out the copper wiring that’s in some luxury cars, it would be about a mile long. For the majority of basic cars, it would be about a half a mile.
  • Whether you are looking to buy a cool classic or a sleek, modern exotic, Woodside Credit can help make it happen. Our easy terms and low monthly payments will have you in the driver’s seat in no time. Contact us today and let us help you put that coveted car in YOUR driveway!
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Classic Car Show Etiquette

Who doesn’t love a classic car show? There’s usually good food and great music, interesting people, and of course the cars. As you walk around enjoying beauty after beauty it’s important to know what you should and shouldn’t do – a little classic car show etiquette, if you will.

Whether you are a spectator at car shows or a participant, there’s always “that guy” skulking around. You know the one. He expresses his opinion (almost always loudly and usually negative) about the cars, touches the cars without asking, and is quick to point out every single flaw.

You know, that guy you want to cart off the grounds and ban for life.

Thing is, it’s pretty easy to be “that guy.” You might not be quite as obnoxious, but it is easy to slip into some bad habits that are frowned upon at car shows. So, let’s take a look at the big ones. That’s a good place to start.

Don’t touch!

Rule number one at any car show is simple. Look, but do not touch – without asking first anyway. You can transfer dirt and grease to the car’s surface or even damage the paint job. Plus, it’s just plain rude to put your hands on something that isn’t yours without asking permission first.

Don’t smoke, eat, or drink around the cars.

Smoke is a bear to get out of upholstery. Food and drinks can get spilled and the last thing you want is for it to land on or near a collector car. Have a cig break in the parking lot, away from the cars on display. If there is a food court at the show, enjoy your food and drink there or find a corner away from the cars. It will be appreciated.

Watch your kids.

Bring your kids to car shows. Best to get them started early! But when you bring them, teach them proper car show etiquette.

And keep an eye on them.

Don’t allow your children to run through the show, dashing from exhibit to exhibit, touching cars, squealing, and basically treating the car show like an amusement park. Set an example of good car show etiquette, then reinforce it by teaching them.

Leave your pet at home.

Sure, it’s fun to bring Fido to the car show, but it’s not really the place for him unless the show specifically states that it is pet friendly. Even then, keep a tight leash on Fluffy – literally. You don’t want your pooch hiking a leg on some guy’s pristine resto project or leaving little goodies on the path for others to step in. That’s just not cool.

Best to leave them at home.

Keep the noise down to a dull roar.

Boom boxes are fun to have at your display and it’s just too hard to resist a good rev or two as you show off your Turbosmart blow off valve. But there is a point where you are no longer cool; you’re just annoying. Respect the other people around you and keep the noise down.

These simple rules will make your car show visits or participation much more enjoyable. And the other spectators and exhibitors will like you more too! Best of all, you can let someone else be “that guy.”

Whether you want a car you can show or you just want one you can drive to the show, Woodside Credit can help you get exactly what you want. Our easy terms and low payments mean that owning that beautiful classic car is more than just a dream. It can be your reality. Call us today and find out how we can help you.


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The Exotic Car Hybrid Movement: Flight of Fancy or Here to Stay?

It seems that everyone is getting in on the hybrid technology movement lately. Most carmakers have at least one hybrid model in production or development. Even the luxury and exotic brands are introducing their versions of electric/hybrid cars.

The trend seems to be growing but if you’re wondering whether it’s a fad or fixture, you’re not alone. We talked to Lynn Raynault, Co-Founder and CEO of Segments of One to gain some insight into the hybrid technology movement. What she has to say may surprise you.

Hybrid Technology: A Brief History

Ever heard of the Mixte? If not, that’s OK, most people haven’t. The System Lohner-Porsche Mixte was the first hybrid car. There were 300 built in 1899. Surprised? A gas engine powered the electric motor that turned the front wheels of the car. It was well received by the public until Ford’s assembly line revolutionized car production for gasoline-powered vehicles (and subsequently slashing costs so that prices were dramatically lower than hybrid cars). Interest waned and hybrid technology was put on the backburner for almost 50 years.

Fast forward to the 1960s. It was a time of change on a number of fronts, including an increased interest in the environment. Legislation was introduced by the U.S. congress that encouraged the use of more environmentally friendly vehicles (i.e. electric vehicles) in an effort to reduce air pollution. However, the government’s push for hybrids did not resonate with the general public right away.

In fact, it wasn’t until 1973’s Arab oil embargo that the idea gained some momentum. Drivers responded to the soaring gas prices and plummeting supply by seeking alternatives that were less costly and more accessible. Electric seemed a logical step in the right direction and auto manufacturers responded by pouring billions of dollars into hybrid technology research and development over the next 25 years.

The late 1990s saw a few all electric vehicles. One of the most notable is probably the Toyota RAV-4 EV. Interest was minimal at best and this generation of electric cars was unceremoniously dropped from production. In 1997 the Toyota Prius was released in Japan and people interest fired back up. The Honda Insight hit the states in 1999 and was the first mass production HEV in the U.S. In 2000 the Prius sedan made it way to the U.S. as well and the popularity of hybrid/electric vehicles exploded.

The last few years have seen exotic and luxury carmakers throwing their hats into the hybrid technology ring. Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Porsche are just a few that are developing the ultimate in electric/hybrid exotic cars.

Changing Needs Equals a Changing Landscape

Times they are a changin’ with priority shifts and increased environmental awareness which translates to what is basically a new consumer. It is the consumer who drives the market. According to Lynn Raynault it is during this unique time that we get to see how that shapes the automobiles of today. “As a new generation of wealth emerges, exotic car brands need to evolve to meet evolving values,” she says. “This is the generation that now places the environment at top of their list of concerns. Luxury brands are actually well-placed to meet the sustainability demand as most are handmade, leave smaller footprints and are usually produced in small batches.”

This concern is not exclusive to the auto industry. As Raynault explains, it expands across all markets as customers demand environmentally friendly products and environmentally responsible manufacturers. But when it comes to luxury items, such as exotic cars, the pressure is even more profound.

“This is one of the biggest issues and concerns of millennials and Gen Z,” she says. “As it pertains to luxury goods, these items have always been held to a higher standard.  Consumers today expect luxury goods to respect and live up to consumer values versus the past where consumers had more reverence for brand values, the relationship is now flipped. Thus, the movement across the luxury world for sustainability. The automobile industry and in fact now transportation as a whole is being held particularly accountable for their effects on the environment. When Tesla launched their Roadster and subsequently the Model S, it proved that a luxury automobile can be environmentally friendly either as a hybrid or as an all-electric powered engine. When luxury automobile manufacturers watch silicon valley billionaires drive around in Prius’, it is a wakeup call. Now nearly every luxury auto maker either has a hybrid or electric model or has one in the works. Even Bentley has plans to ‘hybridize’ all models by 2025 and an all-electric model set for a 2025 release.”

The Exotic Car Market Takes the Plunge

For years the exotic car market escaped consumer pressure to develop technology that was more environmentally friendly and sustainable. However, those priorities have slowly seeped into the elite consumer base that is the luxury/exotic car buyer. Lamborghini is a prime example with its Sian, unveiled ahead of the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. As the first hybrid from the car maker, it is already making waves across the exotic car market, not so much for how it looks, but for what it stands for.

“The Lamborghini hybrid highlights a broader theme in the exotic car market: the big push across luxury brands for sustainability due to demand,” says Raynault. “We can break down the auto category into three categories that exemplify this: sports, leisure and classic. The sports cars are all following Tesla in the move to hybrid and electric. Even the classic cars worth over $1 million are starting to convert to electric despite the traditional view that the value of the car lies in the chassis and the engine. For example, the car that Meghan and Harry used to get to their reception was a classic Jaguar converted to an electric engine. Leisure cars like Bentley and RR are also moving in this direction. A good example is Bentley which plans to provide electric versions for all its cars by 2023.”

As interest and demand grow for an environmentally better vehicle, we will certainly see more models from other exotic and luxury brands. Since it is primarily the Gen Xers and Millennials who are driving the hybrid technology movement, it is not expected to die down. As the massive Millennial generation matures and moves further into the marketplace as consumers, we will see even more of their influence across the board. A common interest that Gen Xers and Millennials share is enormous concern for the planet’s future and environmental issues. And they are bringing these concerns into a very high-profile position.

“Most of today’s “influencers” are in Silicon Valley so when Sergey Brin and Larry Page are seen driving their Priuses around, the world takes notice,” says Raynault. “Hybrids are no longer limited to these mass made cars and those wanting a more powerful driving experience have plenty of options whether it’s a LaFerrari or the all-electric Alfieri scheduled for release in 2020 by Maserati. In fact, some argue the hybrid technologies offer better driving perks such as instant torque and sharp throttle response.”

Looking Ahead: The Future of Hybrid Technology

What does the future look like for hybrid technology? Are electric cars here to stay or will they fade away like so many other fads in the past? According to Raynault, this is not a fad; it is a movement, a change in what consumers want in a vehicle and what car makers are producing in response.

“It is likely the future of exotic cars could be hybrid engines if not someday even all electric,” she says. “As consumer demand forces these brands to change gears the industry will reach a tipping point where electric cars become more economical to produce and the technology becomes more advanced. Maserati already has plans to release eight more hybrid models and four electric models with the GranTurismo and GranCabrio joining the electrified portfolio. We also see Porsche heavily investing across its portfolio in hybrid as well as all-electric models. Once these investments are made it is hard to turn back the dial.”

One marker that is a strong indicator of how solidly hybrid technology is permeating the car market is how it has spread beyond new cars that are currently being produced and developed.

“New production is not the only area of focus and consumer demand,” she says. “Classic cars are also being converted, as a new generation of collectors come to market the classic car world must stay relevant and many restorations now include an option for conversion. While FIVA has declared any converted car would lose its classic status, the industry has mostly responded by condemning this view, with the realization that the boom of the classic car market over the past decade will soon come to an end as these buyers age and the next generation come into wealth.”

Hybrid technology is the future of the auto industry – and the future is now.

Raynault says, “The volume of hybrid vehicles on the road today along with the investment by every major auto maker clearly signal this is not a fad and hybrid cars are here to stay. As more exotic cars hit the market the halo effect will continue so that mass market cars will follow suit, especially as Tesla works out its kinks and increases production on the Model 3.”

It looks like hybrid technology is indeed here to stay.

Whether you are buying a brand new exotic or have your eye on an older model, Woodside Credit can help you put the car you love in your garage. Our easy terms and low payments mean that it’s easier than ever to make it yours. Visit our site and submit a Quick Quote to get started.


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The Paul Walker Collection Going to Auction in January 2020

Most people know the late Paul Walker as a distinguished, talented actor from the “Fast and Furious” franchise. What some may not know is that he was an avid collector of fine cars, some quite rare and exotic. In collector car circles he was considered an automobile aficionado and his collection was impressive, spanning five decades.

Now 21 of those cars are headed for the auction block at the 49th Annual Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale in January 2020. According to a press release from Barrett-Jackson, some of the cars included in the Paul Walker Collection include:

  • 1963 Chevrolet Nova Wagon
  • 1964 Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon
  • 1967 Chevrolet II Nova
  • 1988 BMW M3 E30
  • 1989 Nissan R32 Skyline Race Car
  • 1991 BMW M3 E30 Coupe
  • 1995 BMW M3 E36 Lightweight
  • 1995 BMW M3 E36 Lightweight
  • 1995 BMW M3 E36 Lightweight
  • 1995 BMW M3 E36 Lightweight
  • 1995 BMW M3 E36 Lightweight – Factory LTW wing and race-livery delete
  • 1995 Ford Bronco SUV
  • 2000 Audi S4
  • 2003 Ford F250 Pickup
  • 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 Pickup
  • 2005 Harley-Davidson RS Motorcycle
  • 2006 Toyota Tundra Pickup
  • 2008 Suzuki Motorcycle
  • 2009 Nissan 370Z
  • 2011 BMW Motorcycle
  • 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302S Race Car

Some of the cars in the collection are movie cars, such as the 2009 Nissan 370Z which was in “Fast Five.” Others are a reflection of Walker’s discerning personal taste.

There are definitely some gems to be had, including the pristine 2013 Ford Boss 302S race that has never been raced. It is decked out, bumper to bumper with official Ford Racing components that have never even seen a racetrack.

You can see the complete docket of cars at the Scottsdale Auction on the Barrett-Jackson website.

Whether you are looking for an iconic collector car or a sleek exotic, Woodside Credit can help put it in your garage. Visit our site today to learn more about our easy terms and low monthly payments. We don’t make you jump through a bunch of hoops. We are the industry leaders and our expertise shows. Let us help you bring that one in a million car home.


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Creepy Classics: Cars with a colorful past

Can a car be cursed? Haunted? Possessed? Our rational mind says no way, but sometimes there is just too much evidence, too many stories, too many witnesses, that open the door of possibility. Do you dare to enter?

Following are a few stories of some creepy classics, cars that have interesting, colorful, and downright chilling pasts. Proceed if you dare, but beware, you may think twice before getting behind the wheel again.

The Cursed Car of Archduke Ferdinand
1914 Graf & Stift Phaeton

In 1914 the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were shot and killed in the limousine, while the car suffered no damage. However, this event is often credited for starting World War I. While this may seem horrific enough, the curse didn’t stop there. Over the next twelve years fifteen different people took ownership of the car. During that time, it was involved in six accidents and a reported thirteen people died because of this “haunted car.”

The “Real” Christine
1964 Dodge 330 Limited Edition

You’ve probably seen Steven King’s movie “Christine,” or read the book by the same name. It featured a candy apple red 1953 Plymouth Fury named Christine that was apparently possessed. All in good fun, right? Not so fast. What most people don’t realize is that the story was based on a real car, a 1964 Dodge 330 Limited Edition called the “Golden Eagle.” It had a reputation for bringing death to anyone who ever drove it, including the three police officers who used it when it was a police cruiser. The owner, Wendy Allen, claims that “only” fourteen people have been killed by the car. However, reports and witness accounts show a different picture – that the number is actually higher. Much higher.

Bonnie & Clyde’s Bullet Ridden, Bloodstained Haunted Car
1932 Ford Model 18 V8

Pretty much everyone knows who Bonnie and Clyde were, the notorious bank robbers and murders who left in their wake nine dead police officers and several unfortunate civilians. When their spree came to an end in 1934, they were ambushed by police and their car riddled with more than 100 bullets. The car was left with blood stains and bullet holes as its occupants died on the front seat. That isn’t the end of the story though. The creepy classic is on display in Primm, Nevada at a place called Whiskey Pete’s Casino where visitors report capturing strange figures in the photos they take of it. They also say if you stand close to the car you can feel another presence there with you. Maybe Bonnie and Clyde have some unfinished business.

James Dean’s Porsche “Little B**tard”
1955 550 Porsche Spyder

The car that killed James Dean is said to be a cursed car and we just might have to agree. The story goes that one night Dean was talking with Alec Guinness who told him, “If you get in that Porsche you will be dead by next week.” Seven days later, that prediction came true. The wreckage of the Spyder was purchased by William Eschrich who parted the car out, including dropping the engine in his own Lotus. Everyone who had parts from the car were involved in terrible wrecks, some with fatalities. There are also a number of stories about people getting seriously injured while handling the wreckage. But they’re all just stories, right?

When you are ready to buy a classic, creepy or otherwise, Woodside Credit is ready to help. We have the best rates and easiest terms in the industry. Give us a call today or visit our website and see for yourself how easy it can be.

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